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Debrecen International School Has a New Director

The educational institution was handed over in August 2019.

Ms. Miklósné Pakurár is will known in the city, as she previously ran the Szoboszlói úti Primary School from 2005 until the end of June this year. She has more than 15 years of management experience.

When it was suggested to have an international school in Debrecen, the professional staff of the Szoboszlói út Primary School was given the task by the city management to prepare for the start of the lower and upper grades. In 2015, we received the preparatory committee of IB, the director told the local paper.

She also reported that she worked as an education expert at ISD from January 1, 2021, until the end of June. The purpose of this was to get to know the team and the former principal, Trina Arsenault, who handed over the school and all the information to successfully start the new school year.

According to the new principal, this institution represents another educational dimension: the most important thing is that from kindergarten onwards, classes are taught in English by native English teachers.

International schools are rated the best in the world and ISD is also a member of the large IB family. The structure of education is different, we call it the education for the 21st century, she stated.

The institution is based on innovative problem solving, experience-based education, cooperation and communication development, and the use of info-communication tools.

The strength of the school is that it can accept any student no matter the mother tongue, and can provide them with a high level of education. In Debrecen, more and more international companies see a future in Debrecen and the Debrecen International School is trying to serve this need. Ms. Miklós Pakurár focuses on the start of the school year, the arrival of international teachers in order to create all the conditions for students to get the most out of the school life. As a local, she will also pay attention to the fact that teachers will get to know the city.

I would like the foreign teachers who come here to get to know our beautiful city and see the opportunities, to love working here. It is also a great advantage that I know the city’s education system and institutions very well, they also see me as a partner, so we can initiate cooperation with the city’s institutions, serving each other’s benefit, she added.

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