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Debrecen is One of the Safest Cities in the Country

Mayor of Debrecen László Papp presented the 2020 report of Colonel Attila Uzonyi.

While in 2010 more than 21,000 crimes were committed in Debrecen, in 2020 this was less than one tenth of that prior figure.

The number of crimes committed in the area of ​​Debrecen decreased by 17.3%, from 2,514 to 2,079 in 2020 compared to the previous year, László Papp, emphasized.

Debrecen has achieved extraordinary economic success in recent years. Public safety in the city is an extremely important element in the negotiations that prepare these investments. It will make it easier to promote Debrecen when we can present these trends, the mayor added.

In 2021, HUF 50 million will be available for the installation of surveillance cameras. These increase the public’s sense of security and reduce the number of crimes committed in public places.

Colonel Attila Uzonyi, the head of the Debrecen Police Department, spoke about the fact that the efficiency of investigations had also improved. 88.5 percent of all registered crimes were detected in 2020, a 3.5 percent improvement over 2019.

Attila Uzonyi mentioned the number of home burglaries as one of the priority crimes, which decreased by another 26.5 percent.

There is also an improvement in road safety. There were more than 20% fewer accidents on the roads in 2020 than in 2019, but they still want to pay more attention to enforcing traffic rules.

At the end of the meeting, László Papp presented a reward to two employees of the Debrecen Police Department.

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