Debrecen Public Bath Design Concept is Breathtaking

Debrecen Baths + Spa design concept is breathtaking with fantastic pools and recreational park - opening in the summer of 2020.


The renovation of the Debrecen public bath is one of the most important developments of the New Phoenix Project. The aim of the development is to turn the old fashion public bath of the city to a leading recreation centre of Central and Eastern Europe.

The renewed public bath is located in the heart of the Great Forest, surrounded by  the sport stadion, the Open Air Theater and Water Tower.

Design concept of the renewed Debrecen public bath

The concept is that it is not enough to place modern experiences and pools on the field, there are many wonderful baths in the region. The goal is to transform the public bath to a modern recreation centre that will be the next iconic sign of the city just like the Great Forest.

This decisive spectacle was created by integrating the pools, the slides and whirlpools; and the connecting elements between these pools is the water itself.The floating water surfaces and waterfalls turn the bath to a glittering, and exciting place. Another aspect was to use the proximity of the surrounding forest and facilitate  an active relationship with nature. The idea was to create an easily accessible and interoperable building from all directions.

In the summer of 2015, the Debreceni Gyógyfürdő Kft. announced a design contest for the reconstruction of the Debrecen Public Bath, and the winner was Péter Bordás’s work. As a result of the announced public procurement procedure, Bord Architect Stúdió was commissioned to draw up the execution plans.

The water surface of Debrecen Public Bath increased by 2000 square meters

After the development, the entire water surface of Debrecen Public Bath will be increased by 2000 square meters, from the previous 3600 square meters to almost 5700 square meters. The main entrance will be at “Pallagi” street reachable from the new promenade. Near the main entrance, a “duck” fountain will be placed, manufactured by the Zsolnay factory.

The renovated public bath will have 15 swimming pools, offering pools for all age groups, from small children to the elderly.

Debrecen Public Bath: Children’s world

From the north side, the first large pool area is for children. The 1900 square meter children’s pool consists of several parts:

a) A pool for infants (from 0 to 4 years of age), with 40 cm deep water

b) A children’s adventure pool for 4-8 year-olds, including artificial trees to be climbed up,

c) Special spray park and two family slides and

d) A 2 meter deep wave pool with an open-air stage at the back

Behind the children’s world, there is the “slow river” area including a 1.2 meter deep drift pool that might feel like swimming in a river.

Debrecen Public Bath: Central building

The symbol of the new Debrecen Public Bath is the 12-meter high three-story central building. Under the surface, will be the dressing rooms, showers, toilets.

In the pool area, we can find ath “spa” area and a 1100 square meters of “Sport World” including a warm water swimming pool, a 50 meter and a 33 meter swimming pool. At the other end of the Sport World, we will find the relaxation pool.

The next large unit is an adult adventure pool, with four slides. In addition to the slides, a climbing wall and an adventure pool will be waiting for the bathers.

The third largest unit is the four-meter swimming pool, where we can jump in from three heights: 1 meter, 3 meters and 4.7 meters. The 200-square-foot jumping pool is also connected to a 4-meter climbing wall and rope.

Debrecen Public Bath: Terrace, water bars and relaxation pools

The 12-meter high sun terrace can be accessed by stairs and elevators, and at the terrace there will be two water bars and two relaxation pools beside the sun loungers. There will be some relaxation pools with transparent bottom to see the swimming pool area. The terrace will be covered by evergreen and the slides from the terrace will go down to the adventure pool.

Debrecen Public Bath: SPA pools

There are two spa pools in the south of the central building, which will provide refreshment for the elderly. Massages and neck showers are also available in different temperature pools.

Debrecen Public Bath: The garden

The dominant element of the garden’s landscape is the alternation of parallel, grassy lanes and patchwork fields. The pavements are perpendicular to the lawn bends. Their material is a demanding, large-scale maple with hidden edges.

The areas will be suitable for sporting activities such as beach volleyball or streetball. In addition to these parts, there will be several playgrounds.

Debrecen Public Bath: Promenade

On the eastern side of the promenade, there will be a  900-square-meter shop area, a covered kids play-area and the restaurants. All restaurants will have unified, elegant design and be open to the beach front.

Debrecen Public Bath: Investment

The renovation of the public bath is the part of  the Modern Cities Program. The original budget ws HUF 4 billion, but a complementary HUF 2 billion was allocated in spring 2018. The new promenade on the Pallagi street will be supported with 1.2 billion HUF from the Hungarian Tourist Agency, and 1.3 billion HUF from Debreceni Vagyonkezelő Zrt. Thus, overall, the construction of the public bath will cost 8.5 billion HUF. The construction company is Hunép UNIVERSAL Zrt


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