Debrecen Public Baths and Recreational Centre – Latest Images

The breath-taking recreation centre will open in the summer 2020.


The renovation of the Debrecen public bath and spa centre is one of the most anticipated and important developments of the New Phoenix Project. The aim of the development is to turn the old fashioned public bath of the city into something new in a category all of its own. A public bath, leading water park, spar + recreation centre. Suffice to say there will be nothing else like it in Central and Eastern Europe or anywhere else in terms of scale and watery splendour. 

The renewed public bath is located in the heart of the Great Forest, surrounded by lush greenery and in close proximity to the sports stadium, the Open Air Theatre and Water Tower venue.

As previously reported, the design concept of Bord Architect Studio will be implemented in combination with some other design ideas provided by other design applicants. According to the statement of Péter Bordás, the winning design concept won’t change but will be extended with the number of other experience elements.

Are we still in Debrecen or in a Water Wonderland?

The idea design concept was to build not only horizontally, but also vertically in a way which is unique, impossible to compare with other “baths”.

“We didn’t want to create something that was just average here, in one of the world’s most beautiful urban parks”, stated Mr. Laszlo Papp, the Mayor of Debrecen.

The Bath and Spa Centre will meet the needs of all generations

The 5700 square metre water surface area will include everything you might expect in a public bath but much more besides, including 15 pools, a waterfall, and a 12-meter-high sun terrace.

It was important to keep the green surfaces, and therefore we might see green walls and slides that disappear and reappear from view according to the viewers perspective.

Families can enjoy a children’s world and a sports zone as well. In building A, there will be four slides,

  • 70-meter UFO waterslide,
  • 95-meter closed waterslide,
  • 110-meter waterslide and
  • 125-meter rubber ring waterslide.

The four main slides will be red, yellow, blue and green, each with a crazy sound and light effect.

There are also smaller slides for younger visitors. If we need some rest, we can enjoy ourselves on a 2500 square meter terrace where we will find bars and pools. The bottom of one bar sounds outlandish, to be made from glass.

Regarding the ticket prices, it will be similar to the prices of other Hungarian public bath and spa centres.


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