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Debrecen Received Recognition from London Based Emerging Europe

At the Emerging Europe Awards in 2019, Debrecen took 3rd place in the "Urban FDI Strategy" category.

London-based Emerging Europe is a business, media and research platform dedicated to contributing to the social and economic development of 23 countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.

In 2021, the Business-Friendly City Perception Index, and Supportive Business Environment Survey, was launched as part of the Emerging Europe Awards Program.

In addition to advancing on the overall list, Debrecen also achieved outstanding results in 3 of the 8 categories examined. Debrecen received 3rd place in the category of “Local Authority Support” ahead of Krakow, Riga and Brno. In the category of “Economic Potential” Debrecen as the only Hungarian city, also finished at the 3rd place.

Zoltán Póser, managing director of EDC Debrecen, emphasized that this award is more complex than before. He recalled that in 2019, Emerging Europe had already awarded Debrecen as the third city with the best investment promotion strategy in the region. As has been said, the overall list consists of eight subcategories, and Debrecen took an outstanding place in three; – two third and one sixth.

Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa said that Debrecen moved to the 19th place from the previous 27th place. Great progress has also been made in the field of transport and public transport, it is already possible to exchange e-tickets for public transportation and it can also be attractive for young people. Railway developments have taken place, and the construction of the inter-modal center also improves the city’s transport. He emphasized that infrastructural connectivity was also a consideration in the award. 

Debrecen has had a motorway connection for a long time, the road has already reached the Romanian border. The University Innovation Park has also become accessible from the motorway. In addition, the airport has developed a lot. Improved quality of life was also rewarded by professionals, the deputy mayor explained.

We have made a lot of progress in the category ”Green City program”, he emphasized. He also added that the new Waterpark, theater renovations and transport improvements have also added to the increase in quality of life in Debrecen. 

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