Debrecen Regional Cooperation Council is Established

Debrecen, together with twenty-one settlements in Hajdú-Bihar and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Counties decided to establish the Debrecen Regional Cooperation Council.

Debrecen, together with twenty-one settlements in Hajdú-Bihar and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, decided to establish the Debrecen Regional Cooperation Council. The Council will coordinate the economic, educational, cultural and tourist development of the participating municipalities.

Debrecen achieved an unprecedented level of economic success between 2014 and 2019, with an inward investment of HUF 600 billion and creating more than 6,000 new jobs announced over the period. Economic development can create an extraordinary opportunity not only for Debrecen but also for the settlements in the surroundings. For this, it is necessary to coordinate the development ideas of the settlements in the region.

László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen initiated the establishment of the Debrecen Regional Cooperation Council for effective cooperation. The panel provides an opportunity for participants to develop a win-win partnership in the areas of urban development, economic development, education, culture, and tourism. Debrecen is willing to share its experience through EDC (Debrecen Economic Development Organization) with the participants.

The Council has seven working groups: Transport, Education and Culture, Urban Planning and the Environment, Tourism, and Sport, Health and Social Affairs, Economic Affairs and Administration. In the Council, the mayors of the major settlements of the region, the members of the parliament, the leaders of the Hajdú-Bihar County Government and the Government Office can discuss the means and role they can use to achieve their goals.

At the meeting, under the leadership of Debrecen, the mayors of the 21 settlements of the region, the parliamentary representatives, the Hajdú-Bihar County government delegate and the president of the Hajdú-Bihar County Municipality adopted a Memorandum of Understanding.

In addition to Debrecen, the following municipalities are participating in the cooperation (in alphabetical order):

  1. Balkány
  2. Berettyóújfalu
  3. Bocskaikert
  4. Derecske
  5. Ebes
  6. Hajdúböszörmény
  7. Hajdúdorog
  8. Hajdúhadház
  9. Hajdúnánás
  10. Hajdúsámson
  11. Hajdúszoboszló
  12. Hortobágy
  13. Létavértes
  14. Mikepércs
  15. Nagyhegyes
  16. Nádudvar
  17. Nyíradony
  18. Nyírbogát
  19. Püspökladány
  20. Tiszafüred
  21. Vámospércs