Debrecen Tipped as a Location for New MotoGP Track

The Minister for Innovation and Technology, Laszlo Palkovics, announced plans to host MotoGP races in Hungary from 2022


In a recent press conference the Vice President of the ruling party, Lajos Kosa, announced the potential construction of a new racetrack in eastern Hungary. Also in attendance was Palkovics and Gabor Talmacsi, 125cc World Champion at the 2007 Grand Prix

Negotiations have been underway since last year and we made a breakthrough a few months ago, “said Palkovics, adding that a letter of intent was signed with the company that owns MotoGP’s commercial rights.

The minister noted that the government would make a final decide during February 2020 as to whether to bring MotoGP to Hungary or not. The organization of a race is presented as part of a comprehensive motorsport strategy that is being discussed by the government.

Debrecen has been added as a new location. According to the racetrack will most likely be built in Eastern Hungary near Debrecen. At the press conference, Kosa said: “First of all, we need to examine whether we can meet the requirements associated with organizing such a race. “It has to take place somewhere where the M3 and M35 motorways are easily accessible as a race like this would surely attract many people from Romania, Slovakia and even southern Poland”.

Regarding the district capitals Debrecen and Nyiregyhaza, Kosa noted that the two cities are only 49 km apart and that, together with their catchment area, they would be able to provide adequate services for a MotoGP race.

Former racing driver Talmacsi added: “Even during my active racing period, I felt that it would be nice to drive in a home environment”. Today, the MotoGP is the fourth largest sport in the world with an ever-increasing number of spectators, and it would be a big step for Hungary to join the Grand Prix motorcycle race locations. Not to mention the benefit for both Nyiregyhaza and Debrecen as the regional capital.


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