Debrecen Zoo is the Perfect Place to Visit in August.


The busy season at the Zoo is in full swing, it seems that every week there is something to report on about the Zoo, a new arrival, a new event or kids program.  Last week we heard about Tokay Gecko Eggs and saw the arrival of a baby Raccoon, who delights everyone who sees him. 

Baby raccoon Zoo Debrecen Today - Debrecen Zoo is the Perfect Place to Visit in August.

There are also baby Llamas, baby Antelope and a baby Mantled Guerezas which is an Ethiopian Monkey if you were wondering, but they are not as cute as the fella above.

The week before was hot but the zoo inhabitants didn’t seem to mind.

News of the new Jubilee Mineral exhibition was announced, available to visitors during the month of August at the Zoo.

Pony rides are back this year, both at the Zoo and the Amusement Park.

The best news of all was that the behind the scenes walk at the zoo tour will also be available in English for the first time ever in August.

If all this wasn’t enough reason to visit the zoo, there’s more, back in July they announced that they would be joining the kids book/sticker joint initiative of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, the Klebelsberg Center + Hungarian Educational Authority, a pup known as Kajla, a curious Hungarian pointer pup, on a quest to visit various attractions throughout the country.  The books and stickers are available at SPAR supermarket chain at the checkouts.

Kajla - Debrecen Zoo is the Perfect Place to Visit in August.
My son loves this book.

Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park will also be joining the campaign by offering a discount: up until August 31, their Miniature Train will be free for all students with an entry ticket and a Kajla Passport.

So there you have it, plenty of incentive to visit the Zoo in August!


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