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Deufol Announces New Packaging Facility in Debrecen

New facility to bring jobs to Debrecen

In an announcement on the 4th July Péter Sziijártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Lajos Barcsa, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, confirmed that a leading German packaging and logistics provider DEUFOL is locating a facility here in Debrecen. 

Deufol employs approximately 3000 employees worldwide across 90 locations. It provides both advanced packaging and distribution solutions for a wide range of service needs including

  • Industrial Packaging
  • Contract Packaging
  • Thermoforming,
  • Engineering Service
  • Supply Chain
  • IT Solutions.

The new center will be one of Europes most modern packaging and logistics centers and will be located to the south of Debrecen within the southern economic zone.  Construction due to begin this summer. 

According to the managing directors, Jürgen Hillen and Jürgen Schmid of Deufol SE, the 15 hectare facility will service both Hungarian and Romanian markets, providing not only packaging and storage premises but also a large flexible space for logistics placement and for packaged goods.  There is also plans for scaling up the facility if needed with flexible building extensions already planned and approved to meet future needs.

The facility will cost 7 Billion HUF (21.4 million EUR) and is expected to be completed by 2020 at which time it will create 120 new jobs as it expands its range of services to its customers in the IT-based industrial services arena.



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