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City Card Holders Can Now Enjoy Discounts at 28 Places

Services and discounts related to the Debrecen City Card are expanding, Deputy Mayor Diána Széles announced on Monday.

She stressed that the first period was difficult due to the pandemic, but the reopening gives a new impetus to the city card program. So far, 16,000 people have redeemed the card, and card holders can currently receive discounts in 28 places. Places participating in the program will have stickers at their doors.

Gábor Gődény, managing director of VisitDebrecen, said that service providers decide what discount they give to cardholders. They are also in charge of the card acceptance process. They can simply ask for showing it, however, they can also get a card reader if they request it.

There are plans for developing a city card for tourists as well. It might be available next year.

The list of places accepting the Debrecen City Card and the discounts are available here.


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