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Disinfectants have arrived in Debrecen

A new consignment of disinfectant arrived at the New Town Hall in Debrecen, which is forwarded by the employees of the mayor’s office to the companies owned by the municipality including cultural, social, family support and educational institutions, as well as the mayor’s office.

Several institutions of the Debrecen municipality have introduced home office work schedules, however, some workplaces have activities that require a personal presence. These include the “on-call” kindergartens and crèches, institutions performing social and family support tasks, Dehusz Kft. that helps to maintain the cleanliness of the city, or DHK Kft., the household waste management company.

At the beginning of the coronavirus emergency, the municipality of Debrecen assessed the disinfectant needs of the institutions and companies. The required quantity arrived in the city including:

  • 1350 pieces of 750 ml virucidal spray hand sanitizer,
  • 1000 pieces of 500 ml virucidal hand disinfectant (already supplied to GPs and pediatricians),
  • 800 5-liter virucidal hand sanitizers,
  • 600 pieces of 5-liter antibacterial surface disinfectant

Previously disinfectants were handed over to Debrecen GPs and home pediatricians on March 24, 2020. Now the required disinfectants will be delivered to the city-owned companies including cultural, social, family support and educational institutions, and the mayor’s office.

Photo credit: Municipality Debrecen / János Miskolczi


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