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DKV Launches New Bus Service to Southern Industrial Park

Buses will run between Segner tér and Deufol Hungary Kft. With a 49D sign.

In just 11th months, Deufol’s new factory unit was completed, which consists of, among other things, two halls of 4,000 square meters and 47,000 square meters of external storage. This is the largest German company in industrial packaging, and providing the largest investment to date in Debrecen, worth more than HUF 7 billion.

Unlike its other developments, the company here manufactures both packaging materials and packages products at the same time. They started with 40 employees in September, but are constantly expanding their headcount.

“According to our plans, we want to reach 120 by the end of 2021 – said Gergő Elek, Regional Chief Operating Officer.

Gergő Elek, Deufol’S Regional Deufol Chief Operating Officer

DKV is launching a new bus service to the dynamically developing Southern Industrial Park to meet the growing travel needs. The 49D bus will be launched on Monday 17th October, which will run between Segner Square and Deufol Hungary Kft. In addition, the route of the 49Y buses will change to meet changing demand.

DKV’s traffic director said the service expansion was negotiated jointly with employers to make the schedule suitable for everyone.

In this case, we have to adapt to employer needs. We jointly prepared a needs assessment with the participation of the employers and the operator of the Southern Industrial Park.

István Miklós, DKV’s traffic director.

Several investments are currently underway in the Southern Industrial Park. In line with these, DKV regularly consults with companies to coordinate emerging needs with public transport.


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