Dósa Nádor Square To Be Pedestrianized in 2019


Instead of a car park, the new square will be for pedestrians.

As part of the Green City program of the New Phoenix Plan, the Dósa Nádor Square and some parts of Csapó Street will be renewed.

According to the procurement documents, the construction company will have four months to complete the work, which means that the renovation should be finished by the end of summer. The plan of the local government is to inaugurate the new statue of King Stephan there on 20thAugust.

How to Commute After the Renovation

After the renovation, you will not be able to drive into the Dósa Nádor Square. Unfortunately, the underground parking that was originally planned here was abandoned. There is parking available nearby under the Old Town Hall offering at least as many parking spaces as it is currently on the surface.

According to the tender, about 5,000 square meters of road and pavement will be demolished in Dósa Nádor Square, which will then be replaced by a paving stone. They will build a fountain, benches, bike storage as well as drinking water taps, three unique wooden play blocks and twenty plant beds.

Nine surveillance cameras will be installed at three locations.

The entire investment is carried out on 11.000 square meters and it also affects the streets of Rózsa, Zamenhof, Vár and Liszt Ferenc alongside Dósa Nádor Square and Csapó Street.

The Csapó street flower market will also be completely renewed; there will be 36 flower shop pavilions and 128 tables with roof for the vendors.


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