Eger Basilica and Its Surroundings to be Renewed

The famous monument and its surroundings are being renewed by the government. Reconstruction of the Eger Basilica has begun and the works are scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2022.


The interior reconstruction of the Eger Basilica consists of several parts, and one of the most important is the renovation of the liturgical space in the sanctuary. A new confessional altar, a reading box, and an Easter candle will be placed opposite it. Besides these three improvements, a new baptismal well built will be built. All of these improvements will be carved from special Puciscan stone, the same as was used 110 years ago.

The canonical tables will be returned to its original place, bringing the Archbishop’s throne and priestly chairs closer to the believers. In addition, domes and walls will be renewed with the help of painter-restorer artists, while columns and pillars will be reconstructed with classic marble and covered with gold leaf.

The electrical and low-current system of the main church will be completely replaced, and the basilica will receive a new lighting system.

The renovation includes several tourist developments, including a bookstore near the northern tower, where religious items will be sold. From here, guests can take the spiral stairs to the tower, where they can see the largest bell of the Cathedral. On the upper tower terrace, visitors can admire the panorama of the city and the western stretches of the Bükk Mountains, while downstairs a confectionery and a water block will be built.

The government initially approved HUF 3 billion for the reconstruction of the basilica, but that it could be more.

Photo credit: Wikipedia