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EU Information Office Opens in the Heart of Debrecen

The Europe Direct Hajdú-Bihar office, located in Debrecen at the County Hall, will inform visitors about the activities of the European Union and current topics affecting the public from 1st of May.

The information point on the ground floor provides clear information not only about daily events but also about European Union information.

The office is also responsible for keeping the media informed about the Union’s policies and priorities, and about decisions that affect local people and have a major impact on their lives. A sub-page called Europe Direct will be created on the website of the Hajdú-Bihar County Local Government, and the office will also be available via social media (Facebook, Twitter) and email.

The Europe Direct Hajdú-Bihar office plans to participate in events in the framework of the European Union’s tender, so that the activities and objectives of the European Union will be available for all citizens.

Image: Rob Grant from Pixabay 

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