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Killer Queen – Queen Show from London

As part of Debrecen’s Autumn festival, comes Killer Queen from London, UK .

It would be difficult to highlight just one of the Queen’s songs, as each is a separate icon. However, the Killer Queen itself is a separate star, so it’s not surprising that one of the best Queen imitators has put the name Killer Queen on the stage. A long-time favorite of the American and English audiences will bring a real Queen experience to the Hungarian audience. The Killer Queen show features legendary songs that everyone knows and loves, turning the stage to a true Queen concert.

The Killer Queen band was formed in June 1993. They first performed publicly at the University of London, just like the real Queen 21 years before. By 1995, the popularity of the Killer Queen had grown so much that their performance was broadcast by the BBC at the London Beach Theater. The band became more and more famous both in England and abroad. In 1999, after a tour in Europe and Russia, they returned to the Leicester Square awards, where they received the award for the best memory band. The music charts came to the forefront when they performed the Queen’s “The Real Life” with Fatboy Slim in 2001.


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