Extreme Sports Park and Cycling Center Will Be Built

Extreme Sports Park will be built in Töcóvölgy and a Cycling Center is planned to be built in Pallag, Debrecen.

The New Phoenix Plan’s Green City program enables improvements in 11 neighborhoods from HUF 6 billion EU and municipal funding.

As part of the National Skate Park Program, a new extreme sports park will be set up in Tócóvölgy, next to the ice skating rink, for those interested in cycling. In addition to roller skates, BMX and triathletes would expect more trails, as well as a cycling training course.

City-owned land in Pallag, by the Debrecen Football Academy and the main road No. 4 will be given for free use for a period of 15 years to the Hungarian Cycling Association, where the association will build the Debrecen Cycling Center from state funds.

The Debrecen Cycling Center plans to have a training circuit, mountain bike track BMX / Trial park and BMX mobile pump track.

Photo credit: Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay