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Farmer Expo: Eastern Hungary’s Largest Agri + Food Trade Fair

The 28th Farmer Expo, Eastern Hungary’s largest agricultural and food trade fair, is set to open on the 15th of August. The 7000-square-meter site will feature 300 exhibitors. The focus of the expo will be on water management. At the opening, István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture, will give a presentation on water management and climate change issues.

From 15 to 18 August, professional conferences, breed, and gastronomic presentations, as well as all manner of program type and topic, can be seen at the university campus on the Böszörményi road. Although a business event it also considers the needs of families and is programmed accordingly, for instance, the show of the smallest and largest horse in the country.

In 2018, the expo attracted more than 32,000 visitors and the organizers expect to have more visitors this year. Within the Farmer Expo, the HORTICO Vegetable, Fruits and Horticultural Conference will also be held to discuss climate change issues.

In addition to spectacular presentations and tastings, the organizers of the expo aim to provide visitors with professional and scientific information. The Hajdú-Bihar County organization of the National Chamber of Agribusiness invited farmers from Transylvania and Partium to further support their work. 

The expo also includes the “bread festival” as part of the Hungarians Bread program. The aim of the initiative is to encourage the Hungarian farmers of the Carpathian Basin to donate part of their wheat grain for the care of Hungarian children in need across the border and beyond.

The support for the program is increasing year by year.

Photo credit: Farmer Expo



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