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Four new flights are flying from the Debrecen International Airport

Antalya in Turkey, Burgas in Bulgaria and Zakynthos in Greece are accessible from Debrecen, and Wizz Air is also flying to Mallorca.

Never before has there been such an abundance of holiday flights. In addition, the load factor on scheduled flights is increasingly encouraging, János Vajda, CEO of Debrecen International Airport Kft. said on local television.

The managing director recalled that Wizz Air currently operates one aircraft instead of two for scheduled flights, but negotiations are underway to bring the other one back.

The fact that Lufthansa has re-launched its Debrecen-Munich flight is a very important event. This can be reinforced by the recent event of the laying of the foundation stone of the BMW plant in Debrecen. In the future, there could be an increase in flights in this area or the introduction of a larger aircraft, he said.

According to the director, they have already seen over 80 percent load factors for the aircraft that were launched in the second half of 2021, and this figure is set to rise steadily this year. This is also the case for London, Eindhoven, and Tel Aviv. János Vajda said they were already optimistic about the charter season in March this year. 

For Antalya, for example, they first agreed on two flights a week, but now they need four a week, he said.

As for the flight to Hurghada in Egypt, János Vajda said that negotiations are ongoing. There is a valid contract for this season, but the tour operator will give the final say. As for this year’s figures, he said they are now very close to exceeding the total passenger traffic for 2021, which means 75,000 passengers.  

János Vajda said that while Europe’s major airports are struggling with a lack of qualified staff, they have tried to retain those in strategic positions. 

Data shows that Debrecen International Airport has a head start over the airports of Kosice and Oradea, also because of the quality of its resumption, János Vajda concluded.

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