Performances Might Soon Be Seen in the Latinovits Theater

Funding Won for the new Latinovits Theater


“It is not a question that Debrecen needs two theaters, not only because Debrecen is the second largest city in the country, but also because the theater company needs another theatre”, said Lajos Kósa, Minister without Portfolio, responsible for the development of Cities of County Rank.

The MEP also pointed out that the city needs not only “another” theater, but a community, an educational and a training space, and the Latinovits Theater will fulfil this role. Postgraduate training can held in the building, in addition to Budapest and Kaposvár.

The tender of the Latinovits Theater was won, so Debrecen can use almost 4 billion HUF to implement the Latinovits Theater and its related project. As a result, we might see theatre performances from 2021 in the new theatre.

“The funds we won and allocated to the Latinovits Theater will be used to create an incubator house and a training centre to strengthen and further support the theatre culture and preserve common cultural values, as well as provide art training opportunities. It would also give us the opportunity to organize joint Hungarian-Romanian programs”, stated Mr. László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen.

The Latinovits Theater is a new dynamic theater, until the Csokonai theater remains a traditional place

“The Latinovits Theater will complement the Csokonai Theater, the two become a whole – said András Tisza architect. He stressed that the building might create a new community life in Debrecen.

As the architect stated, the Csokonai theatre remains a traditional place, while the Latinovits theatre will be modern, flexible and dynamic theatre. It is created from contemporary materials and using a contemporary way of thinking.

The Latinovits theatre will consist of two main rooms: a larger, classical theatre room that can accommodate 350 people; and a studio theatre that can host 150 people.

The latter will be flexibly furnished, allowing any piece to be created in this space. The building will be complemented by a theater and a ballet school, which is designed to be able to carry out theater training within the building.


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