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German Delegation: Automotive Supply Chain Investment.

Following investments by Continental and BMW, it is no coincidence that other businesses from the automotive supply chain would be interested in Debrecen. These investments are proof of Debrecen’s forward thinking approach to business. As winner of the best FDI strategy winner in the small cities category 2018/2019, both city and business leaders are doing everything they can to build upon this success.

Germany Can Work With Debrecen.

A recent delegation from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rhineland-Palatinate visited Debrecen on the 27th February 2019 with a group of German investors. The business forum hosted by the Department of Commerce and Industry brought together representatives of Debrecen Infrastructure (airport), education (University of Debrecen) and others interested in business partnerships.

Franz Seiss, the Representative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Rhineland-Palatinate stated that for the Rhineland-Palatinate region, the Eastern European region and Hungary is very important and that the automotive and chemical industries are both areas where cooperation is being sought.

The importance of the international airport for regional access and the University for producing a skilled workforce was highlighted by Deputy Major Lajos Barcsa.

In addition to a commitment to creating an economic zone, the Debrecen government has already stated it’s goal of increasing the population of the city from 250,000 people to 300,000 in the next 20-30 years. Creating jobs is a vital step, to make the city a place where people will want to come to live and work. is committed to working with all institutions, businesses and the people of Debrecen to promote all the great things going on in the city in the English language. Join us in these endeavors Today!



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