Great Forest Park Kindergarten (Nagyerdei Óvoda) renovated.


In the framework of the educational programme of the New Phoenix Plan, the building of the Nagyerdei (Great Forest Park) kindergarten and its open-air activity sections have been renovated. During the investment, the main entrance was also relocated, creating a public space for organizing events.

The New Phoenix Plan prioritises the development of the city’s educational institutions. Within this framework, two sites of the Liget kindergarten were renewed in 2017: the building of the Bartók Béla street and the Babits street. The next step of the program was the modernization of the Nagyerdei (Big Forest Park) kindergarten.
The old wing of the Nagyerdei (Big Forest Park) kindergarten was built in the 1940s, with another wing added in 1976. Subsequently the building has became quite obsolete in technical and economical considerations, and therefore required upgrading.

During the investment, the complex renovation of the building was completed, the open-air activity sections were developed, and the accessibility of the kindergarten’s environment was provided:

• The obsolate outer doors and windows were replaced with modern insulated ones,
• The interior spaces of the building were completely renovated,
• The heating system, building and electrical engineering networks were modernized, and a solar system was installed.
• Playing terraces and playgrounds were transformed,
• The fences, the entrance gates were renovated, and yard had got a new outdoor covers and the running track was built.

The main entrance of the building is located in a central place, which opens into the hall where events can be held. There is a mobile wall between the hall and the neighbouring gym, thus the two rooms can be connected.

The modernization of the building contributes to the energy saving operation, and the maintenance cost of the building will be reduced. The installation of solar panels and the useage of renewable energy sources improves energy efficiency.

The Debrecen local government won 361.045.982 HUF for the implementation of the „TOP-6.2.1-15-DEI-2016-00001 in addition the revonation of the Nagyerdei (Great Forest Park) kindergarten”project, an amount of 7,376,230 HUF was added from its own resource. More than 200 little children can return back to an upgraded environment of eight classromms in the Nagyerdei (Great Forest Park) kindergarten.

Within the education program of the New Phoenix Plan, the renewal of kindergartens is continuing. At the moment, the Kerekerdő kindergarten of Alsójózsa is under reconstruction, but in the autumn the renewal works will begin in the Mosolykert and Boldogfalva kindergartens.

Photo credit: Municipality of Debrecen | János Miskolczi


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