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Green City: Thousands of New Trees and Better Air Quality

László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen announced a large-scale tree planting program and the planting ten thousand trees in Debrecen over the next five years.

Within the New Phoenix Plan and the Debrecen 2030 program, the Municipality of Debrecen pays special attention to the development of green spaces in the city.
The Green City and the large-scale planting program are not only important for nature conservation, but it helps reduce the concentration of dust in the city.

Between 2015 and 2019, 3595 single trees, other 1792 trees as a part of the reconstruction of the alley, and further 23500 trees as a part of afforestation were planted in Debrecen by the municipality.

Comparing the number of the cut and planted trees, we can say that 17 trees are planted on each cut tree. We will continue developing green areas and plant ten thousand new trees in the next five years in Debrecen”, said László Papp, mayor.

In 2019, 160 trees were planted at Csillag Street, 303 trees at Mandolás Street and 201 trees in the Southern Industrial Park.

During the establishment of the Northwest Economic Zone, 1596 trees were planted.

The International School of Debrecen received 4,500 trees to support the afforestation and 19,000 trees are allocated to Józsa (Józsapark).

The tree planting and the afforestation initiative greatly improved the quality of parks and playgrounds.

In total, the Green City Program will be able to renew 350,000 square meters of green space in 2019 and modernize another 235,000 square meters in 2020.


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