GS Yuasa – Automotive Battery Manufacturer Invests in Miskolc


Eastern Hungary is fast becoming an Electric car manufacturing hotspot, with long term investments now bearing fruit. In January 2018, GS Yuasa Corporation announced its plans to invest HUF 8.8 billion in a manufacturing facility in Miskolc. The development began in the first half of 2018 in earnest and the 60,000 sqm facility has now been completed. It will begin to manufacture lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries and systems for automotive vehicles.

This investment by GS Yuasa Corporation represents the first such investment in manufacturing of these advanced systems outside of Japan.

GS Yuasa joins Samsung SDI and SK Innovations in the supply of powertrains for electric cars (EV) in Hungary

It’s no wonder that BMW decided to locate its new factory in Debrecen, Hungary’s second city is the gateway to Eastern Hungary. It is perhaps coincidental that BMW will produce electric cars at its new factory.

With GS Yuasa Corporation’s Hungarian subsidiary factory onstream, it further solidifies and reinforces Debrecen and Eastern Hungary’s position as the Automotive heartland of Central and Eastern Europe.