Hortobagy is Among the 23 Best Places to Stargaze Globally

CNN's ready-made list offers the best places to spot meteors, see stars and ponder constellations.


Hortobagy is famous as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and now has one more reason to visit if you are interested in Stargazing.

“Some of Hortobágy National Park’s best views and photo ops of the night sky are adjacent to Kilenclyukú Híd (the Nine Arch Bridge), the longest stone bridge in Hungary and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park began protecting its dark skies as a means of wildlife conservation. The area has a great number of migrating bird species and types of nocturnal insects. Pristine night skies are part of the region’s history. Hortobágy’s traditional shepherds heavily relied on knowledge of stars and constellations to live and work.” – according to CNN.

Hortobagy is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Hungary, and if you have ever been to the Hortobágy at night, you might know how wonderful the sky is, free from light pollution.

In the same month, CNN recommended Debrecen, Hajdúszoboszló, Hortobágy, Lake Tisza for travellers to visit. As CNN pointed out in a previous article, Debrecen is relatively unknown, a hidden gem, waiting to be discovered and the ideal location to visit if you shy away from over-tourism. It is a much less crowded, than Budapest. With the only international airport in the East of Hungary, just a short distance from Hortobágy, Debrecen is the logical destination for visiting all of the above-mentioned places.

Photo credit: CNN


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