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Hortobágy Wranglers Perform for the British Royal Family

Hortobágy wranglers performed at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, the largest riding event in the United Kingdom

The last time the Hortobágy wranglers performed at the Royal Windsor Horse Show was in 1970.

Four hundred riders from sixteen nations attended the royal riding show. It is a great honour to be invited to the UK’s largest outdoor horse show.

The secret of the success of the Hortobágy wranglers is that they took their daily lives to England. They are not only sitting on horseback, or swinging the hoop for the sake of the show.

“Some people stopped us occasionally and congratulated to the great show”, said Lajos Garai, leading Hortobágy wrangler.

“Our wranglers really are grazing the horse and they wait, standing beside them until they graze. Meanwhile, of course, if the tourist comes to Hortobágy, then they will get a presentation and can see a wrangler show”, said Róbert Szladek, Head of Mátai Ménes of Hortobágy Nonprofit Ltd.

The Wranglers did not rest after returning home since they had to care for the stud and it is continuous work. Their spectacular performances can be admired by the general public at the Hortobágy Horse Days ( Hortobágyi Lovasnapok) in July.