Hungary’s Most Beautiful Apple Orchard + Estate is in Derecske


Bold Agro Kft. is one of the most well-known apple producers and pig keepers in Hungary, and according to their numbers, it is by far the best in both production areas. It is located close to Debrecen in Derecske.

In March 2019, a new competition was announced looking for the most beautiful estate in Hungary. The participants competed in seven categories: livestock estate, fruit farm, horticulture, family farm, precision farming, arable crop estate, and viticulture.

From the nominees, the judges selected 21 holdings that could compete for, “Hungary’s Most Beautiful Estate 2019” title. The voting was a public one, and the honorary title was won by Bold Agro Kft, the company running the Derecseki Almavirág Farm and Restaurant, just 20 minutes from Debrecen.

The award-winning horticultural garden covers 150 hectares, of which apples grow on 100 hectares.

Derecske Bold Agro Apple Garden Restaurant 01 1 - Hungary's Most Beautiful Apple Orchard + Estate is in Derecske


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