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Hungary’s most powerful supercomputer handed over in Debrecen

Komondor was put into operation at the supercomputer center of the Governmental Informatics Development Agency (KIFÜ) on the Kassai út campus of the University of Debrecen.

Endre Spaller, President of the KIFÜ, said at the handover ceremony that the supercomputer cost HUF 4.7 billion and has a performance of five petaflops, which corresponds to a capacity of 50,000 laptops per minute.

High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure, a supercomputer with enormous computing power, is now indispensable in science and in developing innovative industrial solutions.

The equipment in Debrecen will be used throughout the country, three quarters by researchers and 20-25% by businesses, he said, adding that it will help solve everyday life’s problems such as climate research, telecommunications, transport management, energy, health, materials science, astrology, and the automotive industry.

Endre Spaller indicated that Komondor could be expanded to meet additional user needs in the future.

Zoltán Bács, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Debrecen, recalled that the first supercomputer, a much smaller one, was put into operation at the university in 2011 when seventy researchers started working with the equipment.

“Today, more than 100 researchers use the supercomputer, which is managed by the university but serves the scientific infrastructure of the whole country,” he added.

László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, stressed that the Komondor is important for the city for science, the economy, and energy.

“The heat generated by the supercomputer will be used to heat the Debrecen sports hall in the future. The necessary infrastructure for this is being built, so it can move away from district heating,” he said. 

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