IKEA to Open Pick up Point in Debrecen

IKEA will open new pick-up points in Veszprém, Pécs, Kecskemét, and in Debrecen in 2020.


During 2020, IKEA customers will be able to choose to pick up their orders from a pickup point in Debrecen rather than paying for home delivery. The pickup point is one of four new locations, the other being Pécs, Veszprém and Kecskemét.

In addition to the new pick-up points, the IKEA application, both on mobile and desktop will be revamped.

At IKEA’s press event, the IKEA regional sales manager explained that they want to be more sustainable and make their products more affordable for Hungarian customers in the future. In addition to the Budapest sales focus, they also wish to involve the Hungarian countryside population more and more in their sales activity.

Starting in March, customers will be able to return (sell) used products to IKEA, and IKEA will offer these products as second-hand products to its customers. The initiative will be known as the “Second Life of Furniture”. 


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