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Imaginary Creatures and Other Animal Species

The Kölcsey Center  re-opens to the public with a spectacular exhibition, – after six months of closure due to COVID-19, a period that limited exhibitions to shop windows. The opening exhibition brings magical beings and fantasy-born creatures to populate the walls and space.

Most of the exhibition is by SZILVIA M. NAGY a graphic designer and sculptor. The decisive part of the more than two hundred unique drawings is provided by the drawings made for Borges: The Book of Imaginary Creatures. Among the essence of the book summarizing the peculiar creatures of the human imagination are the figures of the Bible, Greco-Roman mythology, the Germanic tale world, as well as fantastic figures of New World and Eastern cultures, or those born (distorted) of world literature. The list of known and lesser-known demons, sirens, chimeras is complemented by the pages of the series “Aquatic Animals” and “Birds of Heaven”, but we can also find other strange creatures, paper and wax sculptures. 

The creator confesses: “In my work I strive for representation in the most traditional sense; for visual detail and technical clarity. Perhaps I appreciate drawing skills, manual-technical skills and anatomical, knowledge of geometry and color. ” The invited artists of the exhibition are the painter Judit Cs. Horváth and Dr. Zoltán Varga, professor of biology at the University of Debrecen.

The works of JUDIT Cs. HORVÁTH focus on the research of the sacredness of nature, the examination of plant organizations, and in her earlier works she presented the similarities and parallels between the micro and macro worlds. She was greatly influenced by Ernő Kállai’s work “The Hidden Face of Nature”. In addition to his delicate oil paintings in the exhibition, which are deepened and show a sense of unity – a living “community” with nature and all living things, we can also see some of his botanical watercolors made with a scientific need.

Dr. ZOLTÁN VARGA , Professor Emeritus of the Department of Evolutionary Zoology and Human Biology at the University of Debrecen, is an internationally recognized Széchenyi Prize-winning biologist who has conducted research in many fields from the Balkans to the Himalayas. 

He and his colleagues described more than 250 new species of butterflies and 26 new genera for science, nearly thirty of his students earned degrees, and many of his students work in conservation and public education, yet most know his name from the decisive cover of Animal Science. 

The book he illustrated brought the world of domestic animals closer to generations of students and scuba divers. In addition to some drawings of Animal Science, we can also see less frequently published magazines in the exhibition.

The gradual reopening begins with the virtual exhibition opening ceremony, which will be published at 5 pm, May 13th on the Facebook page Kölcsey Center, with greetings from JÁNOS GÉCZI József Attila Prize-winning writer and artist.

The exhibition can be seen free of charge in the exhibition hall of the Kölcsey Center (Debrecen, Hunyadi u. 1-3.) Every day from May 13th to June 6th from 10 am to 6 pm. According to the current legislation, the Kölcsey Center can be visited with a security card and identity document, and in the case of minors with an escort with the same documents.

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