October 23rd commemorates the Revolution of 1956 when Hungarians rose up against the Soviet ruled communist system. Zoltán Kovács, State Secretary for International Communication and Relations, highlighted that October 23rd stands as an example of the fact that everyone can take action to achieve freedom even in the most hopeless situations.

Join the city of Debrecen to celebrate the Hungarian Revolution.

October 21, 2 pm:
56 Drops of Blood – Commemoration of the 63rd Anniversary of the 1956 Revolution and War of Independence
Presenter: László Oláh Retired Lieutenant Colonel
Venue: Downtown Community Center (Kossuth street 1.), Podium Hall

October 22nd, 10 am:
Historical Turning Nines – Memorial Exhibition
Opening: László Oláh Retired Lieutenant Colonel
Featuring: István B. Orosz performer and Debrecen Garrison Orchestra
Location: Újkerti Community House (17-19 Jerikó Street), ground floor corridor
The exhibition is open until 22 November

A Special program on 23, Day of the commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution:

On Wednesday, 23 October 2019, the Municipality of Debrecen will hold a commemorate the 63rd anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence and the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Hungary. The program schedule is below.

8.00 am: The ceremonious hoisting of the flag at Kossuth Square with military honors

8.30 am: The laying of Wreaths at the memorial plaque for the victims of the ÁVH fire (Kossuth street 8.)

9.30 am: Celebration at the ’56 Memorial
(University Reformed Church Square, University Square 1.)

Speech by dr. László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen
Artists of the Csokonai Theater give a show and it will be followed by the wreathing ceremony

5 pm: Deduction of the National Flag on Kossuth Square with military honors

6 pm: Silent commemoration and candlelight at the ’56 Kossuth Street Memorial
László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen will take part in the lighting of the candle
Featuring: Sándor Csikos Jászai Mari Prize Winner, Wonderful and Outstanding Artist
Location: 10 Kossuth Street.
The local government provides the candle to the participants.

October 24, 1:00 pm:
We remember ’56
Cooperating partner: Macsi Retired Club
Location: Kismacs Community House (Napraforgó street 16.)

October 24, 2pm:
Brave ancestors, respectful grandchildren – we remember 1956
Cooperating partner: Epreskert Elementary School
Location: Sandy Garden Community House (Szabó Kálmán street 68)

October 24, 4:30 pm:
1956 Children’s Eyes – art education
Featuring: historian Sándor Gárdonyi
Location: Jozsa Community House (Debrecen-Józsa, Szentgyörgyfalvi út 9.), hall

October 30, 4:00 pm:
Our Historical Memories – We remember ’56
Featuring: Sándor Gárdonyi, Historian
Location: Jozsa Community House (Debrecen-Józsa, Szentgyörgyfalvi út 9.)

Photo credit: counterfire