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In the new Boysen factory, parts are produced for the BMW factory in Debrecen

The German company will produce battery cover plates for BMW.

With an investment of HUF 60 billion, the Boysen group will create 400 new jobs in Nyíregyháza, a city near Debrecen,  where the company will produce parts related to electric cars for the BMW factory in Debrecen, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó announced. 

The minister said that this would be the company’s first plant in which they will exclusively produce components for electric cars. The factory, based on the most modern technology, is based on renewable energy, he added.

The EU is one of the front-runners in achieving the 2050 climate neutrality goals, the transition to the electric car industry is “the result of a series of determined EU political decisions” because transport is one of the main sources of environmental pollution. Without its transformation, the sector’s emissions cannot be reduced to a large extent in the long term; he pointed out.

All three premium German car manufacturers have placed a significant part of their electromobility strategy in Hungary, and partly thanks to this, many suppliers from the east have also settled here, Péter Szijjártó added.

The minister stated that Western European countries are doing everything they can to build as many of the necessary factories related to the electric car industry as possible, so the new plant of the Chinese CATL was also recently inaugurated in Germany.

In the past eight years, a total of 183 large German investments were decided in Hungary. It is also thanks to these investments that bilateral trade reached a peak last year, reaching EUR 56 billion by the end of October 2022, he concluded.

The Hungarian government supports the project worth approximately HUF 60 billion with HUF 5.6 billion, thus helping to create 400 new jobs.

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