Increased Capacity for Adult + Children’s Medical Services

Healthcare services improved to meet the needs of the future - Institute for Primary Care and Health Development


A new healthcare institution has started operations in Debrecen, retasking the former surgical clinic building to operate a new adult surgery.  The entity is entitled ”Institute for Primary Care and Health Development” and it has the responsibility of Primary care and Health development just as the institution’s name suggests. 

The goal is to supply higher quality, faster healthcare.

The facility area for dental service supply has doubled and a new child prevention center is also planned which will provide examinations, education, drug prevention and health education. 

Health education performances will be held in one place. And most importantly, every child will participate in the same quality education, said Csaba Papp, Director of the Debrecen Primary Care and Health Development Institute.

IFPCH - Increased Capacity for Adult + Children's Medical Services

On the 1st July the Municipality of Debrecen handed over the primary care tasks to the University’s clinical center. The operation of the new institute is expected to provide the most transparent, fastest and highest quality care available to everyone.

The Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen is also prepared to increase the number of patients.

– If we look at the development in the city, then it is likely that the population will grow. And if this is the case, we need to deal with this background service as well, ”said Ervin Berényi, chairman of the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen.

Another important innovation is that the new adult medical clinic is in direct contact with the emergency department so that patients can receive additional care immediately.


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