Inspiring Initiatives from a Startup Hub in Debrecen

Innonic Group Zrt. supports several charity programs each year. Now, they helped paint the fence of Görgey Kindergarten in Debrecen.


The staff of the startup studio of Innonic Group Zrt. recently made the environment of the Görgey Kindergarten nicer for children.

“Several colleagues have attended this kindergarten many years ago, and even the children of some of our staff are attending here, we’ve seen that help is needed”, said Dénes Zombori, the company’s HR manager.

The professionals of Debrecen try to help local communities and children every quarter: for example, during the Digital Week, they regularly invite students from the Szoboszlói Road Primary School. On such occasions, kids are offered a full-day fun learning program. They can see how to create a website and get rich information about IT.

In the previous action, they collected money for the Debrecen Rescue Foundation: the amount raised was used to renovate the ambulance rest area.

“With Innonic, our goal is to show that we can build a world-class company even being based in Debrecen. We owe a lot to the city of Debrecen, not only because the founders were all born here, but also the vast majority of colleagues are from Debrecen. This is why we want to give back as much as possible to the city, which has been part of charity programs for years. For example, we considered it important that ambulance officers could be able to rest between two calls in proper conditions. We also try to help the children where we can, we want to give back to the community what we have been given – emphasized Csaba Zajdó, CEO of the company group.

At the end of this year, the company will join the “shoeboxes donations” charity program and collect donations for the Hungarian Reformed Charity Service for the 5th time. They also organize blood donations and want to encourage more companies in Debrecen to join similar noble initiatives.

Innonic Group Zrt is a Debrecen-based startup studio focused on e-commerce, that repeatedly iterates, builds and grows e-commerce related startups in parallel, based on a lean process with a cross-disciplinary team and shared resources. The company’s mission is “to create amazing products that deliver a great experience and real value by continuously improving ourselves”.


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