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Latest Pictures – International School of Debrecen

The construction of the International School of Debrecen is running according to the plan, and the school will open in September 2019.

The Board Architecture Studio has recently shared some photos of the construction site of the International School of Debrecen.

According the statement of the Local Government, the installation of the facade, the development of mechanical and electrical trails and the parking are under construction.

The Modern Cities Program and the New Phoenix Plan is of great importance for the economic development of the city. The International School of Debrecen has a vital role of the city’s further development, since the question of “where the children of the managers and employees of the international companies in Debrecen can learn” was and is often raised.

Students from Debrecen can also enroll in the institution, located in Pallag, a luxurious and quite suburb of the city.

International School of Debrecen in a nutshell

In 2015, the local government decided to open an international school in Debrecen and created a project team within EDC Debrecen (Urban and Economic Development Centre). The leader of the project team was Mr. János Öreg, who was recently appointed as the director of the school.

The management of the International School of Debrecen has chosen the International Baccalaureate® (IB) program and the school will offer children different programs: PYP (similar to the Hungarian “általános iskola alsó tagozat”) and MYP (similar to the Hungarian “’általános iskola felső tagozat” and DP (similar to the Hungarian gymnasium).

According to the plans, five hundred children will have the opportunity to study here in an ascending system from autumn of 2019.



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