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International School of Debrecen was the Guest of Csak egy est

The philosophy of the International School of Debrecen and the International Baccalaureate (IB) was introduced to the audience of the “Csak egy est”.

After organizing several successful conferences, the association “Debreceni Kőr Dáma” begun to organize one night talk shows entitled “Csak egy est” (English translation: Only one night) to discuss topics that shake up the city.

Gyöngyi Porkoláb, the president of the association was lately talking to János Öreg, the director of the International School of Debrecen who provided the audience with great insight into the philosophy and the core principles of the new school.

Debreceni Kőr Dáma: Focus on Family, Motherhood and Career

sGyöngyi Porkoláb has carried both professional and public activities for nearly 20 years in Debrecen and as the president of the association, she is the person behind the successful annual conference entitled “Family. Motherhood. Career. Only a woman?”

As a mother of 4 children, the aim of Mrs. Prokoláb and the annual conference is to start conversation about the traditional roles of women and men in the familiy and to encourage the reinterpretation of the relationship between familiy, motherhood and careers.

The guests are such lecturers, professionals, and civilians who represent both roles. On one hand, they have successful careers; on the other hand, they are mothers and fathers at home.

Among others Hungarian prominent personalities, Réka Tenki, Gabriella Jakupcsek and Lia Pokorny joined the association’s events and provided the audience with credible answers on how to manage plans, desires and aspirations, – facing new challenges.

The association supports and inspires women to have children, build careers, and also help them find their place in the family once their children start their own life.

It is nice to have such association in Debrecen.

International School of Debrecen: Ground-breaking, development and school opening

In 2015, the Municipality of Debrecen has committed to open an international school in Debrecen to meet the requirements of the rapidly changing world.

The official ground-breaking of the International School of Debrecen was on 31st of August in 2018, and the building is currently under construction.

Children from 3-18 years will be taught here according to a broad and balanced curriculum to gain the essential knowledge and skills that provide a foundation for a successful future in higher education and beyond.

As we wrote previously, the first classes will start and accept students from September 2019.



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