International School of Debrecen achieves International Baccalaureate World School status

International School of Debrecen has become a member of the International Baccalaureate World Schools.

Photo credit: Facebook (Papp László)

International School of Debrecen has become a member of the International Baccalaureate World Schools; it was announced on the 24th of May 2022. Thanks to the scheme, education at the institution will be further strengthened.

Tom McLean, Director of the International School of Debrecen (ISD), said at the press conference that ISD has today become the newest member of an ever-growing global community of over 5,000 schools offering the International Baccalaureate in more than 150 different countries. 

IB World School status is a globally recognized indicator of educational excellence. IB schools attract the most skilled teachers from around the world. The ISD faculty comprises more than ten nationalities who have worked at high-performing schools. Confirmation of ISD’s IB World School status will allow the institution to further strengthen its faculty and better support student learning. 

The director explained that IB educators are part of a global community supported by stimulating professional development; they can participate in a wide range of training courses on all aspects of international education. While maintaining their full-time teaching role, educators may apply to become IB workshop leaders, examiners,  school visitors, and consultants. Such teachers are highly skilled educational experts who significantly impact student learning. 

As he said, research shows that IB students have higher acceptance rates to university, and they outperform non-IB students at university. An IB education is one of the best ways to prepare for higher education as it equips students with the skills necessary to succeed in life, he concluded. 

Annamária Kálmán, Primary Principal and Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator, said their mission is to provide students with a holistic education that will instill the skills, knowledge, and outlook to succeed in the 21st century, both in their local community and in the wider world.  

One of the many benefits of the PYP program is that ISD students are encouraged to think critically and solve complex problems. She added that they are engaged and curious to find out more and are encouraged to ask questions about things that interest them. 

“This will be demonstrated in the exhibition that will open soon, where students will explore and investigate real global problems and then seek solutions,” she said, adding that they can now take advantage of the IB World School program.

According to Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Lajos Barcsa, accreditation is a huge milestone in the life of the school. It shows that the International School of Debrecen is on the right track with the current management. The deputy mayor pointed out that ten children from Debrecen will have the opportunity to study at ISD from the autumn thanks to the scholarship program established earlier. 

Source: International School of Debrecen