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International School of Debrecen wins international award

The International School of Debrecen, built-on a site of 50,000m2 in Pallag directly next to the Great Forest was based on the winning concept of BORD Architect’s Studio has won the accolade Golden A ‘Design Award Winner for Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Category in 2019.

Circle, rectangle, pyramid are the key forms of the school building designed by BORD Architectural Studio. The school is famous for its circular form. The circular building symbolizes protection, unity, and community; and it meets the requirements of the international trends and thinking. The flexibility, spaciousness, and transparency of the interiors ensure a high-quality building for the school’s pedagogical program, providing the essential freedom needed by teachers.

In addition to the modern and clean interior spaces, the outdoor spaces, the sports fields, and the school gardens perfectly fit into the green environment to build a bridge between the built and the natural forest wildlife. On the other side of the sports field, we can imagine continuing the circle of the building, which also touches the line of the forest. Thus, nature becomes an inseparable part of the school.

There is a separate entrance for preschoolers and primary school students, and a separate entrance for high school students, the latter being the main entrance to the building. Next to the main entrance staircase was the pyramid, which is usually full of children at the short break time. Students working on different projects will also find quiet nooks in the hallways and there are hubs where they can study in groups.

Each classroom is 52 m2, and since it is hexagonal, it has no orientation, the tables are not rectangular either, the furniture can be freely varied in it, they are like an empty canvas. The modern and iconic building can provide approximately 500 students with a 21st-century education in a space of nearly 7,200 m2.

The enrollment for the 2020/2021 school year has already started.

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