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István Gyulai Athletic Stadium Renovated + Upgraded

The renovation and partially upgrading work of the István Gyulai Athletic Stadium in Debrecen has been finished and was handed over in a ceremonial event on October 1, 2018.

The renovation and partially upgrading work of the István Gyulai Athletic Stadium in Debrecen has been finished and was handed over in a ceremonial event on October 1, 2018.

Since the construction of the Stadium in 2001, no comparable modernisation has taken place. The surface layer of the 400-metres-long athletic course has been replaced, the sectors have been upgraded, and the home-straight has been widened. In the sector before the home-straight, the pole-vaulting places, the stick-in- boxes, the running-up approach to the flying and triple-jump and the drainage system have been renovated. In addition a new shot-put circle was build.

As part of the national sports development strategy of 2012, this is the 11th facility that will be renovated. At the ceremony, Mr. Miklós Gyulai, President of the Hungarian Athletic League, said that we stand a good chance that we will have the right to hold the World Athletic Championships in 2023. The World Athletic Alliance is currently in Hungary and the preparation for the application is in progress.

 “I really put my trust in the fact that this centre will also be part of the preparations of the next five years, which will serve the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest. “– said  Mr. Miklós Gyulai.

Mr.Lajos Barcsa, deputy major, reminded that nearly 4,000 sportsmen from 156 countries came to Debrecen to attend the World Championships in Athletics of 2011. One of those young athletes was Usain Bolt, who became a world-class player since then. The deputy mayor also added to his speech: this was the first big world event in the field of sport in Debrecen, which was followed by more than 20 others in several types of sports.

“In Debrecen, not only the mood but also the circumstances for a healthy lifestyle are given. In cooperation with the government and professional associations,twelve football fields with artificial grass, fitness parks and outdoor sports grounds were built.” – said Mr. Lajos Barcsa.

The deputy mayor pointed out that the Municipality of Debrecen also gives priority to sport: 890 million HUF was spent on sports-related projects this year, 160 million HUF more than last year.

He added that there are five top-ranking teams in the city and many people are involved in replenishment and recreational sports, thus Debrecen is the regional centre of sport.

Mr Péter Sárfalvi, deputy secretary who is responsible for national education of replenishment and sports contracts, said that the Athletic World Championship of 2001 in Debrecen was one of the first great global competitions in Hungary.Now, the international associations of the sports are gladly and calmly grant the right to our country to hold big competitions. He added that Debrecen did well 17 years ago, especially with regards to the organization of the event.The deputy secretary thanked the patience of the sportsmen, as during the renovation works they could not use the stadium, but as he said, they would undoubtedly think that it was worth the sacrifice.



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