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Kodály Philharmonic’s chamber series – The Vienna School II

On April 6, the next concert in Kodály Philharmonic’s chamber series will be the Vienna School II concert, in which excellent compositions of the musical classics such as Haydn's "Fire" symphony, Mozart's Horn Concerto in E flat major, or Mozart's "Little" G minor symphony will be heard. Horn player Tibor Kállai will be the soloist of the latter concert.

The Fire Symphony is a relatively early work by Haydn, composed by its author during his time in the service of Miklós Esterházy, presumably in the middle or late 1760s. 

According to the manuscript, the concerto was composed in 1783, although it is possible that its completion was postponed. Its instrumentation is particularly interesting because, in addition to strings, it only contains clarinets and bassoons, giving the accompaniment a kind of compactness. Its three movements (I. Allegro, II. Romance-Larghetto, III. Allegro) also offer a great opportunity for the soloist to demonstrate his singing and virtuoso skills.

Among Mozart’s symphonies, the two compositions written in the key of G minor are of particular importance, despite the fact that they were created about fifteen years apart. While the late “big” symphony in G minor – together with the E flat major and the Jupiter symphony in C major – represent the crowns of his life’s work, the “small” G minor piece is the grippingly passionate expression of the seventeen-year-old genius. 

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