Krones Plans Further Expansion in Debrecen

The Hungarian subsidiary of Krones, the German packaging and bottling machine manufacturer is planning further expansion.


The new manufacturing plant in Debrecen will be the biggest of Krones facilities globally, providing a wide range of products, including high technology components and products for its clients.

The company initially planned to employ 500 workers but the recruitment process of an additional 100 people has already begun, resulting in hiring a total of 600 employees by the end of 2019.

The greenfield investment of the Krones in the South Industrial Park of Debrecen is close to finishing.

Krones manufactures machines and complete production lines to cover the entire production work of its partners, – including the process of filling and packaging of beverage and liquid food products, much of this work will be carried out in Debrecen.

Currently, customers from 190 countries are using the products of Krones. In Europe, every second bottle is made with a Krones machine. Within this greenfield project, launched in 2018, a production hall of 40,000 square meters with a size corresponding to more than 60 football pitches and a 5,000 square meter office is building in Debrecen, at the South Industrial Park at the end of Mikepércsi út.

Over the past few months, more than 350 people have been selected by Krones’s during an intensive recruitment campaign. Currently, they are looking for installers who can assemble conveyor belts and bottle-checking machines based on technical drawings.

As construction nears completion, recruitment has accelerated and opportunities have been expanded: many jobs no longer require years of prior experience, as the company has its own training center in the production hall. With the help of the training center, the necessary knowledge can be learned locally in Hungary, thus providing greater opportunity for those even without technical skills. In order to reach potential employees, the Krones team organizes on-site outings, roadshows in different counties, where they inform and interview candidates.

FAQ: Krones AG, the packaging and bottling machine manufacturer in a nutshell:

Krones AG is a German packaging and bottling machine manufacturer. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of lines for filling beverages in plastic and glass bottles or beverage cans.[2] The company manufactures stretch blow-molding machines for producing polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, plus fillers, labelers, bottle washers, pasteurizers, inspectors, packers, and palletizers. This product portfolio is complemented by material flow systems and process technology for producing beverages, plus syrup kitchens, for clients like breweries, dairies and soft-drink companies.


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