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Macskávézó: The coffee place with kittens

Macskávézó is the the first and only cat café in Debrecen and ten kittens are put to “work” here.

Four of the ten kittens came from shelters, the large Main Coons were bought, but there are also kittens that were adopted from a family. In addition to coffee, there is a little extra love in this special place, as kittens can crouch in our lap for a little caress.

It is a well-known fact that pets have a therapeutic effect. They reduce anxiety, develop empathy, and promote responsibility, in addition to giving a lot of love. According to clinical psychologist Ágnes Síró, caressing animals already has beneficial effects.

The café has a strict policy. Hand disinfection is mandatory upon entry and feeding kittens is prohibited. Cats are checked weekly by a veterinarian. Fun for not only children but adults too.

Address: 4029 Debrecen, Cegléd u. 1.

Photo credit: Macskávézó

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