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Medical Students Demonstrate Medical Practice to Children

Nothing is more important than health, and we should encourage children to enter the healthcare industry.

Our health is vitally important for everyone, not just for those that you care about, but for the economy and wider society. The healthcare industry as a career path is pretty much future proof once entered and qualified. Sponsored by DM, the medical students of the University of Debrecen decided to host an open day for families to attend with the aim of demystifying healthcare for children.

We did not know what to expect when we attended, what we found was positively surprising and brought a smile to our faces, the event was one of the best thought-out we have attended so far this year, it was interesting for adults and engaging for children.

The event was held inside the main building of the University of Debrecen. Once we arrived, happy and smiling students explained that they had set up four stations where kids could practice and get to know about different medical disciplines.

Teddy Operating Room For Children

The medical students did a fantastic job explaining to children the different medical areas, helping them to understand how our bodies work. And showing them what the role of healthcare professionals is all about.

The first station we visited was “Teddy’s Operating Room” where the students explained what organs are and what happens if we get into an accident and need a medical examination. We loved the MRI scanner model, demonstrating its use on a Teddy, in addition the organ apron was also very informative.

The second station was the “GP room”, where we had the opportunity to do a teddy examination, checkout the human throat and give him an injection.

At the third station, we discovered the mysteries of drug preparation. The children could learn how to make pills and creams, at the end of which the children could take home their own hand cream.

The last stand was all about dentistry, teaching children how to brush their teeth effectively. One of the tasks at this stand was to brush the teeth of a giant. We also received a free toothpaste sample also.

Useful Information For Parents Too

While the kids were injecting poor Teddy, a dietitian provided parents with great tips about eating disorders, nutrition and healthy (healthier) eating. It was a great event to be at, well done Medical Students of Debrecen and well done to DM for sponsoring it. A truly brilliant CSR initiative.



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