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Mercedes Further Develops Debrecen Bus Factory

Series production can begin in the Southern Industrial Park.

The new suburban bus of ITK Holding Co., the REFORM 501 LE type was introduced to the general public on the 11th of December, in Budapest.

The CEO of the company has also signed an agreement to start building a new autobus factory in the South Industrial Park, Debrecen.

At the public release, Mr. László Papp, mayor of the Debrecen, said: ITK Holding will be a strong bastion of the city’s economy and the star of Mercedes was also attached next to the name of Debrecen.
A suburban autobus from Hungarian development under the name of REFORM was released to the general public by The ITK Holding CLC’s subsidiary, the Inter Traction Electrics Co. which autobus was mounted on Mercedes-Benz‘s chassis. Besides unmasking the new member of the product line which already consist of 12 model-types, they announced that the ITK Holding CLC. and ist subsidiary has started the developments by using the classis of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter’s smaller commercial vehicles , which will later become the determining factor for domestic bus production in smaller truck categories.
The subsidiary of ITK Holding Co. has entered into a contract with Debrecen’s Trustee Ltd. and Cívis House Ltd. to purchase the necessary real estate for the future development of the company group in the South Industrial Park.

The suburban autobus that is mounted on a Mercedes-Benz chassis comes with 12490 millimeter, 2-door and low-entry. The suburban bus meets the highest environmental and emission standards. The vehicle now featured is equipped with an EURO6 diesel engine with a maximum power of 260 kW and 6 + 1-speed automatic transmission. The technical design of the chassis includes vehicle safety and driving stabilization systems that are common on Mercedes-Benz buses, as well as remote on-board diagnostic and control tools developed by ITK Holding Co.- explained Mr. Kossa György, Chairman and CEO of ITK Holding Co.

Mr. László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, said that after the small series development and production center operating at the Határ Street’s Industrial Park, a new timing begins in cooperation between ITK Holding Co. and the city. Debrecen’s Trustee Ltd. approved and signed the sales contract for the sale of a twenty-hectare industrial area for a new factory based on series production.

Mr. László Palkovics, Cabinet Minister pointed out at the ceremonial occasion: the government’s aim is to renew the Hungarian bus park with autobuses manufactured in Hungary, and ITK Holding Co. is an excellent partner for this.

Photo credit: Municipality of Debrecen | János Miskolczi


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