State-of-the-art domestic factories and internationally competitive industrial plants provide insight into their daily operations at 72 locations across the country.

The Modern Factory Night program series, organized by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, aims to raise public and business awareness for market-leading industrial technologies.

“Modern Factories Night is a great opportunity for everyone to make sure that Hungary is transitioning into a technology-based economy. Opening up cutting-edge plants in automation and digitalization will enable companies to meet future suppliers, educate entrepreneurs, and empower young people to innovate or see industrial work in the 21st century”, emphasized László György, State Secretary for Economic Strategy and Regulation.

This year, organizers awaits visitors with 72 venues in 19 counties of the country and in Budapest.

In Debrecen, Schaeffler and National Instruments are waiting for visitors.

Participation is free, but pre-registration is required, additional information and registration are available at