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Museum Modem – Exhibitions 2019

This year, the Modem Museum awaits visitors with thematic exhibitions and a single entry ticket price to view all current exhibitions.

This year’s events will be grouped around the topic “regime change”, but we can also see exhibitions about the panel technology in the region, and the relatively unknown works of Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka.

Csontváry: Secret works are displayed on the 100th anniversary

The Csontváry exhibition is perhaps the most intriguing, and will no doubt be the most anticipated exhibition of the year. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of his death, Modem provides new information about the artist’s life and work. The exhibition is reminiscent of his last works, and contains those works, thus-far not displayed.

Education project, panel technology and your story

The Modem will start with a 3 years education project with the aim to introduce high school students to the Hungarian art of the last three decades.

One of the highlights of this year’s exhibitions is the “PANELS” exhibition. The exhibition enables art lovers to learn about the history of the panel houses built in the region.

If you are replacing your old windows in your panel house, contact Modem because they are planning to make one of the space installations using 250 old panel house windows.

Last but not least, the exhibition “Family” shows historical, social and personal stories. The exhibition will open in August and it will present families from Debrecen. You have a great story. Contact modem and share your story now.

Modem on the Way of Becoming the Main Art Centre of Central Europe

In 2018, Modem had a record number, 75.000 visitors. Half of the visitors came to see the exhibition entitled as “Impressions” and 30% of the viewers came from abroad. Culture-lovers are also came from Russia, Israel and the United States.

“Modem is a very important cultural institution in Debrecen. It is the largest contemporary art center in East Hungary. It is widely known that Modem wants to become the epicenter of the Eastern Central European Art and show the work of local and regional artists, those that play an important role in today’s contemporary art. This year, we would like to present exhibitions and programs that fit into this long-term plan”, said Szabolcs Komolay, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen.

“Only a few art institutions dare to create annual thematic exhibitions. We decided to try it. There will be recurring elements that bring together the exhibitions of the year”, said Edit Koroknai, Managing Director of Modem, and she also told that the topic of this year is regime change.



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