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Music + Concerts Overview – January + February 2020

Music transcends all languages, indeed it is a universal language in its own right.  While words might be lost in translation, the emotion is clearly communicated through sound and vision.  When considering what to do in January, consider than January 22nd is Hungarian Culture day, and extend the spirit of this day to the entire month of January and explore cultural differences through music.

Viztorony (Water Tower)

Concert of Kaukázus – 17th of January


This band has its roots in the city of Tatabánya way back in 2004. Their philosophy, lyrics, attitude to light music and of course the quality of their concerts slowly attracted the audience.

The group Kaukázus has exciting songs, the voice of a generation that has since matured. The KpOp album, released in October 2018, is about the great passage of time, and pleasant memories, emotional agility, unexpected secular bullying, the launch of the last spaceship, and of course, about us.

The frontman has invited new members for this hopefully exciting next year. Each song comes with interesting lyrics, helping to highlight how seemingly disconnected things are, how they interact with each other and the people who play it. Éva Szalai, Enduring Peace, and Teszkó are great, strong songs from the first phase of the band, which (by the profession and the audience) are a worthy continuation of Honvéd, Lila and California, already featured on the KpOp album.

17th of January

Tickets can be purchased here.

Forest Bump @ Water Tower – Saturday 18th January 16:00

Forest Bump - Music + Concerts Overview - January + February 2020

This event, taking place at the Water tower (Víztorony) is clearly targeting the cities young student population, but this event also tugs at the soul of those in their 30’s and 40’s who can’t help but reminisce about their youth spent in clubs, dancing to chillout or house music.

The event described a joyous dance party seance! And their pitch is also compelling: It’s cold, and winter is coming! Prepare to be warmed up with the hottest water tower party.

Opening 16:00
Evening Lineup:
Thomas Borza / Mariposas Production
Dirty Ice / CivisGround
Eulen / Mariposas Production
Noel / Forest Bump
Zsupi / Sav Bázis

Dresscode: Not Fancy.

Opening 16:00

Ticket Pricing
Up until 22:00: 2000 Huf
After 22:00: 3000 Huf

Kölcsey Center

“Stay with me” (Maradj velem…)

Fecó Balázs’s Orchestra’s Valentine’s Day Concert February 14th 19:00 – 21:00

balazs feco debrecen plakat a2 - Music + Concerts Overview - January + February 2020
Fecó Balázs

Tickets: 6590Ft – 9990Ft
The legendary founder, lyricist and composer of the Koral band, Fecó Balázs, is less active than before, making it a truly special treat for a huge number of fans to listen and see the musician live. And what can we expect from him this time? He said he and his musicians are planning to reminisce through the songs of the last fifty years so far. Ancient Neoton, the 1972 supergroup, Taurus, and the Coral are inseparable from his life and work. Whole generations have grown up with his songs, thanks to which his audience is more than a generation old, so for him, every solo or choral composition is a memory that connects him to his beloved fans. The musician wants to share these memories with the concert’s audience. The incomparably unique immersive audio experience is not only Balazs Fecó, because this evening the band is completed by a guest star: Szucs Antal Gabor.



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