National Gallop in Tiszafüred – 4th Tisza-tavi Vágta

On August 3, the semi-final of the National Gallop of Hungary was organized in Tiszafüred, and six riders were qualified for finals in Budapest.


The National Gallop race in Tiszafüred (Tisza-tavi Vágta) plays a prominent role in the summer programs of Tiszafüred, and it is one of the semi-final destinations of the National Gallop of Hungary.

The National Gallop of Hungary is a celebration of Hungarian traditions and the countryside including traditional Hungarian horseback riding and hussar traditions. The first National Gallop was organized in 2008, and ever since, each year around 100 settlements nominate individuals for the Vágta, out of which riders are chosen through regional semi-final contents.

Tiszafüred was selected as the only new location within the country in 2016. The success of the National Gallop semi-final in Tiszafüred, Tisza-tavi Vágta, has continued ever since.

“By organizing this recurring event, we wish to embrace the equestrian tradition. Tiszafüred is known for fishing and fish gastronomy for which there is a long tradition, but there is also has a very long equestrian tradition. You can see the world-famous wooden saddle in the Museum Kis Pál, along with other horse paraphernalia of the horse masters that were working for Royalty”, said Imre Ujvári, the Mayor of Tiszafüred.

With regards to the event location, the mayor stated that “both the quality of the soil and the soil preparation work are excellent and we place great emphasis on safety. We have one of the few tracks in the country where protective bars are made up of bales to guarantee the safety of both riders and visitors”.

The programs and semi-final round in the morning were carried out as planned, but the conclusion of the semi-finals could not be held due to bad weather. The result was that the winners of the semi-final round automatically qualified for the finals of the National Gallop Competition of Hungary being held at Heroes’ Square in Budapest.

“Tiszafüred is not only rich in history but has achieved much in terms of education, culture, and sport, and the National Gallop in Tiszafüred is a great proof of it”, stated Sándor F Kovács, member of the Parliamentary Group, Hungary.

Tiszafüred addresses locals and invites tourists with ever more colorful programs each year; welcoming visitors throughout the year. The Mayor also invited the equestrian sports enthusiasts to visit the permanent exhibition of the world-famous wooden saddle in the Museum of Kis Pál.