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New app showing real-time data for passengers

Local transport company, DKV, presented its new mobile application that provides passengers with real-time information.

The application called “”  developed in Debrecen, is also available on Android and Huawei mobile devices.

The free app provides passengers with reliable timetable information, including GPS information on nearby stops and departure times. Passengers can see the routes in real-time, and all of them can be tracked simultaneously, together with transfer options.

The stops and connections most frequently used for daily journeys can be saved as favorites so that all relevant information is immediately available when passengers open the app. The latest traffic news published by the transport company, can also be found there to help plan journies. 

In addition to the timetable information, Google Maps shows the exact time of arrival of a means of transport and the nearest stop or transfer points. 

The new “” is available on Android and iOS. 

The previous TransIT DKV app will remain available for Android and iOS.

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JD Team
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