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New-borns in the Debrecen Zoo

Two penguins and a goat were born in the Debrecen Zoo.

The two little penguins were born on the 14th and the 19th of December after spending nearly 40 days caring for the eggs. Currently, the chicks are under their guarding wings of their parents in the safety of their nest.

The penguins will soon go the “penguins’ nursery”, which currently has only two breeders, but we can expect another penguin babies in the near future.

In Hungary, you can see penguins in 5 zoos, and Debrecen Zoo has the country’s largest penguin colony.

Penguins originally living on the southern shores of Africa and in the surrounding protected islands, are listed on the “List of species threatened with extinction” by the World Conservation Union (IUCN).

They are particularly vulnerable to industrial overfishing and oil pollution. In the framework of the European Rescue Program (EAZA EEP), penguins have resided at Debrecen Zoo since 2008. The penguins can be seen every day of the year in the Penguin House.

In addition, a cute baby goat was also born

It was a busy January in the Debrecen Zoo, as the collection of the zoo is growing weekly. The small baby goat named Cameroon was born on the 6th of January and he is enjoying good health and has a healthy appetite. He is barely larger than an adult domestic cat but immediately accepted into the herd of 23 goats.

This breed is considered to be the first domesticated version of the wild goat, which has spread worldwide as a popular goat breed. Dwarfs like  Cameroon live in teams and communicate in different ways with sounds, postures, movements, and odors.

We will keep you updated with future arrivals at the Zoo.



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